Fit for life, fit for work

Fit for Life, Fit for Work

Fit for  LIFE  Fit for  WORK

People performing at their best... all day ...every day...

through personal and professional change

  • “In today’s technology-enabled 24/7 connected world, it is an ever-increasing challenge for us all to appropriately balance work and life.  Those who find this healthy body, healthy mind balance will be better equipped to perform more effectively, and ultimately be better leaders within the work environment.”

    Matthew Crummack: CEO

  • "All functional heads in the Northern European Leadership team commented on the benefits to their overall effectiveness and personal wellbeing. It also doubled as a good team building event and we are now looking to extend the program to our middle manager level. Great stuff!"

    Jonathan Hewlett Managing Director Northern Europe Diesel

  • P&G

    "The program was outstanding. Having attended the two day workshop I can say that the content was sharp and stimulating and that the execution was conducted in an original and very engaging manner. The thought-provoking changes I am putting in place with the help of the facilitator is having a significant impact on my personal situation."

    Guy White ex-Brand Manager P&G

  • "The content and execution of Fit for Life Fit for Work addresses a real issue in many organisations that we’ve worked with, namely how to get employees bringing their whole selves to work everyday: engaged and ready to go. It’s a true win-win: great for the organisation and great for the individual!"

    Will Hogg CEO Kinetic Consulting

People performing at their best  ...all day  ...every day

enhance personal wellbeing (LIFE)

enhance professional performance (WORK)

Fit for LIFE Fit for WORK is a change program: ...

personal ...................and ................... professional

The change program